Simulation Based Solutions

At KITES we will enlighten your insight and provide you with the consultants that you need to put you always on the path of success utilizing our core of knowledge. Composed of a combination between our vast insight and our years of experience in engineering simulation, life cycle assessment, green building and areas in both renewable and fossil energy.













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Computer-Aided Engineering

With the power of modeling our experts are able to provide accurate and reliable modeling services. We employ modeling solutions for solid mechanics using Finite Element Method (FEM) tools, fluids via Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT) for thermal dynamic modeling.


  • Linear Analysis

  • Non-Linear Analysis (Static/Dynamic)

  • Multi-physics simulation

  • Contact, Damage and Failure modeling


  • Laminar Flow modeling

  • Turbulent Flow simulations with Vibration

  • Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) of systems

  • Air Flow modeling with Contaminant Tracking​


  • Convective/Conductive Heat Transfer

  • Forced/Natural Heat Transfer



” Simulating EVERYTHING under the Sun…”

” If you can image it we can DESIGN it …” 


Computer-Aided Design

CAD is the prime means of conveying designs and ideas, not only between people but also between us and machines. At KITES we provide services in specialized design tools like Solidworks to deliver your designs in flush and precise quality. Need manufacture ready designs? Don’t worry we provide manufacture ready models and files for input to all manufacturing equipment.


  • Conceptual design models

  • Prototype re-configurations

  • Finalized design models

  • Large-scale manufacturing file compatibility

  • Application Examples:

    • Industrial design of furniture​/wear

    • Equipment and machinery part design 


  • Computer-Aided manufacturing

  • File conversion and porting for manufacturers

  • Support all types of manufacturing equipment


Solutions for Researchers

We take pride at KITES in the portfolio of our founders who are PhD’s in various fields of engineering. Therefore we are researchers by nature in are committed to providing state of the art solutions in engineering analysis and numerical methods. We are always ready to assist in your research projects in the following fields:

Engineering & Numerical Analysis

  • Stabilized finite element methods 

  • Accurate multi-physics modeling

  • Bio-mechanical system modeling​

  • Quantum ab initio modeling (DFT)

  • Molecular-Dynamics (MD) and Monte-Carlo sims.

  • Stochastic and probabilistic modeling

  • Multi-scale modeling (nanoscale simulations)

  • Vibration analysis and fatigue loading

  • Composite material modeling

   Environmental Research

  • Life-Cycle analysis studies of complex systems

  • Renewable energy system resilience

  • Carbon foot-print evaluations

” RESEARCH simulation tools at your disposal…” 

” We can help you become GREENER


Environmental Management & Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is becoming an ever-growing need for products, services and complex systems. Detailed environmental assessments and design of supply chains, products or manufacturing lines are becoming essential including green building certifications. At KITES we provide scientific and engineering analysis and assessment of systems so that they are more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Environmental Management

  • Life-Cycle Analysis (LCA) studies of systems

  • Environmental product declaration (EPD)

  • Smart tools (IoT) for environmental monitoring

  • EPA regulation compliance

  • ISO Environmental Management certification

   Green Building

  • Green building design & Retrofitting

  • Green building certification

  • Simulation for built environment

    • Solar simulation

    • Energy consumption analysis

    • Thermal loading/Insulation analysis


Waste Management Technologies

Governments and corporate around the world are struggling to become more sustainable and better utilize resources. Nevertheless, waste management is still a large issue at the industrial, urban and personal scale. We provide consultations that fit all scales and types of waste in order to help you manage, store, dispose and even possibly resource your waste into profitable assets.

  Waste Management

  • Waste management System Design

    • Sorting, transporting and storage

    • Recycling & reuse

    • Treatment & sustainable disposal

    • Engineered landfill design

  • Determination of waste

       management technologies

  • Waste management technology Licensing

  • E-waste disposal plans & Technologies

  • Organic waste solutions:

    • Soil Remediation

    • Aerobic/Anaerobic composting

  • Waste management ISO ​certification

” Manage your waste and become SUSTAINABLE…”

” Upgrade your practice adopt the FUTURE 


Renewable, Oil & Gas

At KITES we employ state of the art simulations and modeling from our partners and beyond to deliver accurate solutions for all energy industries such as:


  • Rotor blade mechanical simulation

  • Blade Fatigue/Vibration predictions

  • Wind tower complete structural model  and analysis

  • Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) with aerodynamic loading

   Oil & Gas​

  • Well casing failure modeling

  • Stress, thermal and fatigue analysis of:

    • Weld connections

    • Drums, valves and pipes

    • Drilling system 

  • Performance and durability modeling of

    • Oil seals

    • Drilling systems

    • BOPs and Annular-casing-packer

  • FSI of drilling oil risers and offshore platforms

  • Geo-mechanical modeling of subsurface geology


Classical & Modern Manufacturing

Classical large scale manufacturing is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Today, 3D printing and other modern manufacturing techniques are becoming readily available for everyone. However, understanding the technologies their limits for small, medium and large production volumes is essential. We are committed to provide you with our expertise in determining the best materials, methods and scales of production for your products, assuring automation and cost effectiveness.

 Modern Manufacturing

  • Designing for 3D printing

  • Design of manufacturing solutions

  • Low-Volume manufacturing for Prototyping

  • Fast Large-scale manufacturing through our partners

  • Procurement of best additive manufacturing technologies

  • CAE modeling of 3D printing designs

   Classical Manufacturing

  • Mold-injection modeling

  • Metal Extrusion modeling

  • Hot/Cold form modeling

” Imagine, Design and MAKE your product …”

ENGINEERING tools for reliable designs …”


Civil Engineering Modeling Solutions

As materials and design tools are becoming better, architects are becoming ever more innovative when it comes to designing the built environments around us. Therefore, we at KITES are can provide architects, engineering firms and clients with the tools needed to address uncertainties and optimize their design for least cost and best performance.

 Civil Engineering

  • Advanced FEM structural analysis

  • Dynamic analysis of bridges,

      high and mid-rise buildings

  • Stability analysis of special structures

  • Virtual wind tunnel analysis

  • Structural integrity studies of existing structures

  • Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) solutions

  • Geo-technical engineering simulations


Simulating Utilities

Mechanical, electric and pluming utilities are the veins of any built environment. Accurate modeling of complex utility systems can save money, energy and reduce failure. Utilizing a vast array of MEP modeling tools, we are able to help asses and design complex utility systems at different scales.

Mechanical/Plumbing Utilities

  • HVAC system design

  • Air circulation CFD modeling

  • Vibration and failure analysis of valves

  • Pressure vessel and pump failure/inspection modeling

  • Acoustic disturbance of utility spaces

  • Accurate modeling of urban

     and industrial heat exchange systems

   Electric Modeling

  • High-voltage power line models

  • Rotor dynamics for motors and generators

  • Models of electronic cooling and heat sinks

” Modeling UTILITIES for better performance…”

” Take your CAR from the garage and into our models …” 


Modeling Automotive Parts & Systems

The automotive industry has evolved since it began a century ago but some things just never change. The amazing machinery dictating the motion machinery and chassis of the car are still the core element of any vehicle. From forensic crash analysis to modeling individual parts for new or vintage models we can help you analyze, modify and design the machinery using advanced simulation tools.

Forensic Automotive Dynamics

  • Car crash modeling

  • Assessment of existing accidents using 3D scanning tools

  • Failure analysis of individual components

  • Assessment of integrity of chassis and components

   Automotive Design

  • Computer-Aided Design of car components

  • Vintage part modeling and

       manufacturing for best fit

  • Low-volume manufacturing of specially designs parts

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