Despite harboring no love for their mother, Leo bonded extremely really together with his three half-siblings

Despite harboring no love for their mother, Leo bonded extremely really together with his three half-siblings


Leo ‘s the youngest son and you may second youngest of five inside the fresh Nohrian royal relatives additionally the son of King Garon and you may an enthusiastic unnamed concubine. When Corrin are accompanied to the family unit members during his youth, he acknowledged him or her among their elderly siblings. Like Camilla and Elise, Leo are unfortuitously put as a tool by the his mommy inside buy to gain choose with Garon.

A couple of years ahead of the situations away from Fates, a band regarding theft tried to deprive Castle Krakenburg but is actually rapidly intercepted because of the Leo together with palace shields. One of many thieves is left behind just like the a good scapegoat very your other people you can expect to escape. The newest burglar is actually shown getting Niles, just who begged Leo to place him out of his agony by eliminating your. Leo decided facing conforming to your thief’s demand, as he accepted his worthy of and you can decided to enroll him due to the fact one of his true personal retainers.

Some time later on, Garon introduced a mystical Ebony Mage entitled Odin that have a dubious records in advance of Leo, pressuring your to simply accept the man among his retainers. Considering the doubts that he very first harbored towards Odin, Leo deliberately implemented your with the dangerous and you may hopeless missions when you look at the an enthusiastic you will need to cure your. His worries turned out to be unfounded, as he are amazed because of the Odin’s ability inside finishing most of the missions perfectly. This is why, Leo recognized Odin once the a very important ally, after that refraining from placing your during the harm’s means.


Leo helps make 1st specialized appearance inside Part step one, where he performs audience into the mock duel that Xander and Corrin participate in. Immediately following Corrin work into the besting Xander inside handle, Leo interrupts its exchange regarding supplement by the saying that real power doesn’t can be found during the effortless swordplay. As he attempts to remain the newest argument, he’s disrupted by the Corrin teasing him for having used the collar out-of their finish inside out, compelling him to escape to their residence from embarrassment. He production after together with neckband repaired, where the guy scolds Elise getting maybe not acting this lady ages when she throws herself towards Corrin’s possession.

Corrin is after escorted for the throne room away from Palace Krakenburg along with their sisters during the Chapter 2. Right here, Leo watches to your as the Corrin resolutely claims its commonly to fight having Nohr before he is entrusted the fresh cursed blade out of Ganglari and you will issued difficulty to help you defeat and carry out a team of Hoshidan prisoners. After they will not perform the newest inmates, Garon kills a couple of them and you will instructions Xander to eliminate the left inmates. Corrin is prepared to battle Adult datings dating service Xander to protect the newest inmates. Viewing no other choice to reduce the difficulty, Leo “kills” the two leftover inmates. Immediately following Garon leaves, Leo comes with Corrin so you’re able to companion the newest prisoners regarding Nohr. 

Later in the Section step three, on training you to definitely Corrin could have been penalized towards the activity out of investigating a left behind fort to the Hoshido-Nohr edging, Leo conveys matter more than Corrin’s lack of importance within regard out-of Garon’s obvious leniency. So it alerting off their produces him a slap out of Elise, exactly who appetite him not to ever frighten Corrin just before the basic objective. He after comes up again the remainder of his sisters to reinforce Corrin once they was ambushed by a team of Hoshidan Ninja contributed by the Saizo. Whenever Xander afterwards orders Corrin to go away having Gunter earliest, Leo doesn’t see them once again up until the onset of Section six, if forces regarding Hoshido and you may Nohr conflict from the Plains regarding Hoshido.

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