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This article gives developers, architects, and infra-ops engineers a further practical option. You will learn how a container-centric approach from OpenShift can help your team deliver quality software through a self-service view of IT infrastructure. OpenShift is a cloud development Platform as a Service developed by Red Hat. It is an open-source development platform openshift consulting that enables developers to build and deploy their applications on cloud infrastructure. In addition, it is very helpful in developing cloud-enabled services. By partnering with the Office of the Chief Information Officer and Ministry of Citizens’ Services we were granted special permission to use a state of the art Platform as Service called OpenShift.

openshift consulting

The OpenShift Administrator should be familiar with Mainframe technologies like LPAR, z/VM and general understanding of the benefits of mainframes and limitations. They work closely with cross-functional teams and bring knowledge of OpenShift and containerization to the mainframe. They should have excellent communication skills and ability to work independently and handle multiple tasks. This role would need to have strong problem-solving skills and the ability to troubleshoot complex technical issues. Move with confidence to a new OpenShift-based architecture that provides autoscaling, automated failover and recovery, and availability and transparency for your business services across the enterprise.

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Our prescriptive approach to delivery of containerized solutions on Red Hat OpenShift has proven successful in twenty US states and seven countries. Implementing a new software solution means change at every level of your business — here’s where a solid change management plan comes in. A cloud native tech stack brings greater flexibility and scalability to your business than traditional software methods. • Knowledgeable of DevOps and CI/CD automation tools such as Git, Jenkins, Terraform, Ansible, and cloud native scripting such as CloudFormation and ARM templates. • Experience consulting with implementation of OpenShift across distributed systems and mainframe skills are a plus.

openshift consulting

Your company can get one from a container-centric approach from OpenShift. Get in touch with us for OpenShift consulting services and get quality software through a well-documented IT infrastructure. We guide your teams to modernize and streamline cloud-native app development with containers. Red Hat OpenShift A container platform to build, modernize, and deploy applications at scale. The foundation package might be right for you if you have stateful applications, dedicated application development teams, one or more storage solutions, or a well defined use case. OpenShift made it possible for the Online Divorce Assistant to exist in its own private “sandbox.” Pathfinder—the name given to the BC Government’s OpenShift initiative—was sheltered from the complexity of previous systems.

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Open source You aren’t restricted to the technology or business roadmap of a specific vendor. Choice of cloud Choose to run applications on top of physical or virtual, public, private or even hybrid cloud infrastructure. This gives IT the freedom to deploy OpenShift Enterprise in a way that fits existing infrastructure. Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform helps you develop, deploy, and manage existing and container-based applications seamlessly across physical, virtual, private, public, and hybrid cloud infrastructures. Built on proven open-source technologies, it enables development and IT operations teams to modernize applications, deliver new services, and accelerate development.

openshift consulting

This platform is particularly designed to integrate technologies using Kubernetes and Dockers. Using the OpenShift platform, companies can have complete control in their Kubernetes setting. Red Hat Consulting DevOps and OpenShift Playbooks are guides for implementing DevOps technical practices and container automation approaches using Red Hat commercial open source products, including OpenShift Enterprise 3. They are intended to reflect real-world experience delivering solutions through these processes and technologies. Red Hat OpenShift is the container application platform trusted by industry innovators around the world. It is built to handle a hybrid world of technologies and apps, delivering speed, automation, and consistency at any scale across any infrastructure.


The consulting service also provides solutions to all the troubleshooting issues that developers deal with. Our service design approach to creating a new digital experience included prototyping and iterating. The goal was to build, learn, and improve while the service was being developed. To accommodate learning derived from ongoing user feedback, we used an Agile development approach. This framework was suitable for the project because it welcomes changing requirements, daily cooperation, and the frequent delivery of software.

  • Ksolves has been closely working with RedHat to provide best OpenShift consultation.
  • Your OpenShift cluster will only contain your users, applications, and services.
  • This article gives developers, architects, and infra-ops engineers a further practical option.
  • We’ll help you run applications on OpenShift and get products to market faster.
  • The development platform operates on-premise datacenters and private and public clouds, creating proper environments for applications across all the infrastructures that support Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Here are 4 alternatives to Excel to better suit your unique business needs & scale. Other features can also help your application perform better in the case of failures. These can prevent them from getting overloaded and improve performance during connectivity issues. Organizations are turning to containers and Kubernetes to meet these needs.

OpenStack High Level Architecture

We share our extensive open source knowledge directly with your teams to create governed, predictable automation workflows across your organization. From idea to deployment—and beyond, we help you streamline development, build agility, and maximize the value of your IT investment. Red Hat Enterprise Linux A flexible, stable operating system to support hybrid cloud innovation. Your organization must eliminate any delays in the development of products and services. When using OpenShift, there are several different ways that you can add an application.

Businesses must deliver extraordinary experiences to their customers, and today those experiences are driven by applications that quickly evolve to meet their needs. Learn the general rules development principles and soft skills needed before implementing business rules successfully. We speak at industry conferences, publish solutions and strategies for our peers, and share code with the open-source community.

Migrate one production application to OpenShift

Migrate your entire computing application to Openshift cloud computing and Openstack based infrastructure to facilitate the seamless integration, containerization enablement etc. Developers can access on demand platform to scale and deploy their runtimes, middleware, DB, services. It securely connects to your datacenter, so you can implement a flexible, hybrid cloud IT strategy with minimal infrastructure and operating expenses. Ksolves India Limited is a leading Software Development Company focused on working in high-end technologies like Big Data, Machine Learning, Salesforce®, Odoo etc.

openshift consulting

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