Our Proud Partners

World Leader in 3D construction printing solutions. Continuously adding wider automation and robotics to construction.

Ever since 2017 COBOD has been leading the innovation in the 3D concrete printing industry that will revolutionize the stagnant construction industry.

KITES and it’s subsidiary company KITES Constructions are proud to have partnered with COBOD to print their innovative BOD2 concrete 3D printer to contractors and customers in Kuwait. The BOD2 system is the fastest and only real concrete 3D printing system in the world. Utilizing the amazing technology of material additives developed by COBOD and their partners at CEMEX, the BOD2 is capable of printing with local concrete materials, thus reducing cost as well as time of construction drastically. This is promised to bring down construction times and costs for a diverse range of buildings in the near future.

The future of construction is here … to learn more about how you can construct with our BOD2 system contact us today.

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