Rosslare, AY-K35 Multi-Smart Reader Prox Card, NFC & BLE

Rfid Proximity & Ble Smart Card Readers

You can place these wireless smart card reader at your offices, hotels, buildings, homes and other private or commercial properties. Grab these smart products at from unbelievable prices and massive discounts. These wireless smart card reader are smart in toitable security that suits every needs and budget. You can place OEM orders on bulk purchases and make them convenient for you. Rf IDEAS continues to advance the future of secure mobile access. Developed in partnership with HID Global, the newest addition to the rf IDEAS WAVE ID Mobile reader line supports the HID Mobile Access credential on Bluetooth® Low Energy enabled mobile devices.

What is the difference between proximity card reader and smart card reader?

Proximity cards are primarily used for access control, as the card's chip can only store a facility code and card number. Smart cards can be used for various purposes, such as access control, secure print, cashless vending and more.

The fully encapsulated design and IP65 environmental rating Rfid Proximity & Ble Smart Card Readers provides a high degree of protection from the elements.

Which applications use BLE?

Also available in a keyfob form factor if your ID takes the form of a SIM-sized security module rather than credit card-sized ID. Proximity card reader designed for use with the complete multiNODE range of database and door controllers. Remote enrolment enables contactless operation with BLE and NFC technologies using Rosslare BLE-ID app or Mobile Credentials SDK. Civintec is leading designer and manufacturer of access control device, we offer ODM customization on both hardware, reader housing, firmware and software design service. We offer a variety of solutions for compatible smartphones via BLE and NFC.

Rfid Proximity & Ble Smart Card Readers

In addition to supporting mobile access credentials, using the BLE feature of select smartphones, Conekt includes a range of traditional physical access credentials, such as clamshell cards, ISO cards, and key tags. Javelin smart card reader with membrane keypad designed for extreme weather environments. Wireless proximity readers — Wireless proximity readers are battery-powered to eliminate the need to wire back to a control panel. They are most often used for large deployments in hotels and apartment complexes where it would be cost-prohibitive to wire each individual door. They usually require localized access points throughout the building to communicate with an Internet-connected central control panel. One of the downsides of this type of proximity reader is the need to check and replace batteries to ensure proper functionality.

What is the range for BLE units?

Read more about rf IDEAS and Ricoh simplify secure access to multifunction printers. Rf IDEAS and Ricoh simplify secure access to multifunction printers. The manual covers the functionality of the WAVE ID® Mobile Configurator application used in conjunction with the WAVE ID® Mobile reader. The current pandemic has forced virtually every organization on the planet to transform their approaches to workplace productivity. As a vaccine starts to become a reality, many of the world’s leading companies are already focused on back-to-office strategies and long-term planning for safer on-site operations.

  • With the upcoming release of our WAVE ID® Bio reader, rf IDEAS now offers an all-in-one solution for multi-factor authentication that’s both super secure and super easy.
  • Includes a feature that enables an automatic log out whenever the reader moves beyond a preset distance from their device.
  • B) Pair the provided smartphone with your dedicated BLE device, sniff the pairing process and crack it.
  • Standalone proximity readers — These decentralized card readers are limited in their functionality as they do not connect back to a control panel.
  • Before deciding on a system, ask yourself what is most important for your building security.
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